Biggest Challenge Facing Entrepreneurs

biggest challenge facing entrepreneursWhat is the biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs today?

  • Is it access to finance?
  • Is it knowing the right people?
  • Is it having the right skills?

All of the above gets the grey matter working, but for me the biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs is something different. It is something that start-ups often don’t see or consider (at least in appropriate depth) at the start of their journey.

Interview with Dr Colin Jones

I was about to write my thoughts in the usual manner when renowned entrepreneurial academic and broadcaster, Dr Colin Jones, contacted me.

During our conversation, we learnt we shared something in common: Both of us had published 99 podcasts and 99 blog posts respectively. Not one to let an enterprising moment pass him by, Colin suggested we both reach 100 with something topical.

Biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs

Colin persuaded me to be interviewed so he could explore what I considered to be the biggest challenge and how it affected people starting out in business.

Drawing on 3 decades of business-start-up experience and a few years working as an Entrepreneur in Residence with London South Bank University, I was delighted to be able to share my thoughts.

To find out what was said and what I believe the biggest challenge to be, listen to the podcast interview below.

Meantime, for the record, thank you for supporting the blog and encouraging me to hit the century milestone. I very much hope to retain your interest in ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Entrepreneurship’ in the years to come. Thank you for reading and for listening.


So having listened, what are your thoughts on this issue? What do you think is the biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs who want to start and/or are running businesses in the world today? Please leave you feedback on this page and get involved with the debate.

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