Key Topics

Get yourself the job you want…

Learn how to fast-track yourself into successful self-employment and employment. Posts consider skills, attitudes and also highlight industry secrets as well the important trends that all relate to getting the job you want.

Successes & failures: Invaluable lessons from entrepreneurs

Examples, case studies and stories about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. Learn from the experience of others to save you money and time and ultimately help you move forward.

Common sense sales & marketing: What works?

Covering a range of topics find fresh and practical ways to apply your sales and marketing efforts. Posts reference: meetings; pitching & closing; networking; planning and strategy; research; ideas; branding; targeting; pricing; product development; distribution; marketing promotions; export and more.

De-mystifying finance and making money

Save money and time and take control of your business finance matters.  Learn about crucial aspects of finance in business and entrepreneurship including: raising money; pricing, financial strategy and planning; profit margins; costs as well as investments, insurance and more.

Practical ‘How to’ business guidance and advice

Straight-talking articles that provide tips and advice for getting things done. Get insightful expertise from experienced entrepreneurs and business people who have learnt their trade.

Understand yourself and read behaviour quickly

Learn about key aspects of human behaviour in business and entrepreneurship so you are better prepared for new situations and getting the most from others. Posts cover: communication; decision making; relationships; rejection & failure; psychology; conceptual thinking; effective selling; buyer behaviour and more…

Great teaching: Entrepreneurship, Enterprise & Business

Are you involved with teaching business, enterprise and/or entrepreneurship? Here you’ll find a mine of case-studies and real-life examples all helping you to empower the next generation of movers and shakers.

SimVenture: Global impact of a business simulation

Posts cover key aspects of the award-winning business simulation – ‘SimVenture’. From how it was devised to how it is used around the world, learn about the groundbreaking resource from the people who built it and people who use it.