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Entrepreneurship emotion is at the very heart of Series 3 of the Startup Survival Podcast. Entitled ‘Strength of Feeling’ and involving special guests from all over the world, this latest series examines the subject of entrepreneurship emotion from various perspectives.

By listening you’ll learn how feelings such as anger, surprise, trust, pride, vulnerability and more impact entrepreneurs’ decision-making and behaviour.

As with Series 1 and Series 2, serial entrepreneur Peter Harrington hosts each episode. Peter brings with him a special blend of experience, understanding as well as a deep sense of curiosity.

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We are currently looking for special guests to share their experience in podcast episodes. If you feel you have a compelling story to share concerning a strong entrepreneurship emotion you’ve experienced, we would love to hear from you. For more information, listen to the ‘Welcome Episode’ podcast below and click this link to read and complete the application form.

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Strength of Feeling: Series 3 Podcast Episodes

Starting with ‘Anger’ 12 episodes covering entrepreneurship emotion will be published every 2 or 3 weeks from the end of January 2022. Whilst the sequence and exact title of each episode is subject to change, here is the current Series 3 line up…

  1. Anger with Alan Donegan – Published
  2. Surprise with Dr Clare Hookham – Published
  3. Self Belief with Steve Gwenin – Published
  4. Anxiety with Richard Hughes Jones – Published
  5. Happiness with Elena Höge – Published
  6. Mental Health with John Peebles – Published
  7. Empathy (and loneliness) with Derek UtleyPublished
  8. Managing Emotions in a Crisis with Dr Rachel Doern – Published
  9. Vulnerability with Kyle Hegarty – Published
  10. Trust and Female Founders with Kajal Sanghrajka – Published
  11. Personal Pride with Munir Mamujee – Published
  12. Billionaire Guilt with Gregory Shepard – Published


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Episode 1 – ‘Anger’ with Alan Donegan

How and why can anger (and getting angry) work for any start-up, any venture?

Alan Donegan entrepreneurship emotions
Alan Donegan

In this episode, hear seasoned entrepreneur Alan Donegan explain how anger fuelled his desire to turn an idea into a business that has gone onto impact the lives of over 16,000 people worldwide.

By listening you’ll discover how a highly distressing moment in Alan’s early life connected him to his startup plans. You’ll also hear his views on channeling anger, understanding rejection, the importance of saying sorry and much more.

Alan has invaluable gems to share. Don’t miss this compelling first episode in Series 3.

Learn more about the Special Guest

Special Guest, Alan Donegan is co-founder of the Rebel Business School, which has helped over 16,000 people in 10 countries start their own companies. Rebel won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2021 and has worked with organisations including Henley Business School, Westminster City Council and the Department for Work and Pensions. 

Alan is also a well-known member of the FIRE Movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early), a Chautauqua speaker and an outspoken critic of both traditional business and financial advice.

Alan works tirelessly to inspire people to take control of their own financial destiny, build business, invest their own money and build the life of their dreams.  He does this through Rebel Business School, Rebel Entrepreneur the Podcast and his blog

Once complete, the transcript for the podcast episode will be made available here:


Episode 2 – ‘Surprise’ with Dr Clare Hookham

Why is surprise such a powerful emotion and how can you use it in your work to attract customers and build brand loyalty?

entrepreneurship emotion Dr Clare Hookham
Dr Clare Hookham

In this episode, listen to the charismatic Dr Claire Hookham explain how to create lasting surprise that works with customers and consumers.

Dr Hookham worked at and completed a PhD with one of the world’s leading entertainment brands. Her insightful experience allows her to share and explain how authentic surprise is created and how the creation of this emotion impacts future behaviour.

Full of energy and ideas, this episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to develop their creative thinking skills.

Learn more about the Special Guest

Special Guest, Dr Claire Hookham is the Associate Dean Academic (Quality and Enhancement) at Salford Business School. Claire is an experienced Learning and Teaching academic leader with over fifteen years experience within Higher Education, across three institutions. Claire has held a variety of academic roles, including; Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Programme Director, Academic Director of Student Experience, Associate Dean (Education) and Deputy Director. Claire’s academic discipline and PhD is Management Studies (with an ethnographic thesis based on fieldwork collected during a fifteen-month work placement at Walt Disney World, Florida). Claire is a Chartered Management and Business Educator at the Chartered Association of Business Schools and a Principal Practitioner of The Association for Business Psychology.

Once complete, the transcript for the podcast episode will be made available here:


Episode 3 – ‘Self-Belief’ with Steve Gwenin

Steve Gwenin

David Schwartz, author of ‘The magic of thinking big’ says “Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, really believe, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing a solution paves the way to solution.”

In this episode, tune into Steve Gwenin a man who really believes – and as a result throughout his career has combined global discovery and adventure with personal development and sustainable conservation. Whether he’s talking about working on a remote Pacific island, handling dangerous snakes or how and why self-belief really works, Steve is a highly engaging guest who has something special to share with us all.

Learn more about the Special Guest

Over 20+ years Steve Gwenin worked to develop and ultimately became leader of GVI, a social enterprise and multi-award winning global experiential education organisation. Whether in the jungle, on a remote island or in wild mountainous country, Steve has been at the heart of hundreds of personal and professional development programs as well as sustainability projects. Overall, Steve calculates he has helped over 100,000 people find greater self-belief – and as a result feel empowered to take action to change lives for the better.


Episode 4 – ‘Anxiety’ with Richard Hughes Jones

Richard Hughes Jones Startup Survival Podcast
Richard Hughes Jones

This episode’s special guest, Richard Hughes Jones, has suffered from anxiety for as long as he can remember.

Richard (41) spent several years working in the private and public sectors before going it alone and starting his own coaching and consultancy company in 2013.  Like so many entrepreneurs Richard wasn’t fully prepared for the angst of the start-up years; but nothing prepared him for the news he received on Friday 13th February 2015.

Listen to this podcast to find out how Richard has battled with and against anxiety to win through in business and his personal life.

Frank and very honest, Richard talks openly about his own experience of managing through stressful, uncertain and dark times. He also shares key lessons from experience and through coaching clients.

Learn more about the special guest

Richard became an executive coach after a decade working at Deloitte Consulting and in central government. Supporting individuals and businesses that are reimagining and reinventing the future, he brings a fresh and progressive approach to business building, executive coaching and leadership development.


Episode 5 – ‘Happiness’ with Elena Höge

Elena Höge

We all seek to be happy but what is happiness? And more importantly, how do we find happiness in our startup and entrepreneurial lives?

If you want to lift your mood or simply develop a better understanding of how we can all feel better when running our own businesses, tune into Elena Höge. Recognising money doesn’t buy you happiness (Yaldi Games is yet to afford Elena a salary), our special guest for this episode offers invaluable, authentic gems and deep as well as upbeat insight on the subject of happiness.

Learn more about the special guest

Elena is the founder of Yaldi Games, a startup games studio with the mission to create video games that have real life impact. Since starting the company, she has won several awards such as the Young Innovator Award and the Social Shifter Global Innovation Challenge. Inspired by her passion for nature and foraging, she is now working on their first title: Wholesome – Out and About: A game that inspires real life activities such as foraging, cooking and crafting and has a positive impact on players’ wellbeing and happiness.


Episode 6 – Mental Health

John Peebles

Starting and running any new venture can be as exciting as it is stressful.

Successful entrepreneurs must continuously develop new skills and as their business grows so does the level of responsibility. Research increasingly points towards growing mental health challenges in the start-up space and in this episode, serial entrepreneur John Peebles shares his insight, scars and experience.

As importantly, John talks about what can be done to help not only entrepreneurs, but entrepreneurial teams. Tune into this strength of feeling episode and discover how John has introduced innovative ways to tackle mental health issues within start-up teams and learn about the impact his initiative is having.

Learn more about the special guest

John Peebles is the CEO of Administrate, a SaaS training management platform, and one of Scotland’s fastest growing tech companies.  Headquartered in Edinburgh with offices in Dublin, Bozeman, and Beirut, Administrate is learning infrastructure used by large enterprises to define, deliver, and track their training operations.  Hundreds of companies, thousands of users, and millions of learners access Administrate every day.


Episode 7 – Empathy

Derek Utley Startup Survival Podcast
Derek Utley

Successful startups create and build long-term relationships. Building long-term relationships requires us to empathise with others.

Starting and sustaining any new business is a huge challenge and requires deep reserves of energy. As a result, startup entrepreneurs typically feel compelled to tell other people what they do because no-one will do it for them. But whilst this personal promotion sounds logical, ‘telling’ people about our work doesn’t help us to understand them – and thus build empathy.

In this enthralling episode, communications and language specialist Derek Utley (81), reflects on his life and how and why taking the time to create empathy with others is a fundamental building block in the development of our business and personal lives.

Learn more about our special guest

A lover of languages and teaching, Derek Utley took up his first post as a teacher of Spanish and French at Charterhouse School in 1963. Nearly twenty years later Derek co-founded York Associates, a highly successful language training and intercultural communications company used by many multi-national organisations. Now retired, Derek is a keen community volunteer leading weekly walks and helping people in the north-east plant trees.


Episode 8 – Managing Emotions in a Crisis

Dr Rachel Doern Startup Survival Podcast Entrepreneurship emotions
Dr Rachel Doern

Human behaviour changes when the pressure is on. And for business owners, nothing generates pressure quite like a crisis.

In this compelling episode all about entrepreneurship emotion, seasoned academic Dr Rachel Doern explores and explains how startups behave in really challenging situations. Importantly, she goes onto talk about issues such as emotional intelligence as well as strategies that any startup can learn about and apply so they are better able to manage their emotions in a crisis.

By tuning into this episode, anyone who has had practical experience of working through the pandemic (or any other crisis) will be able to develop their knowledge and apply theoretical principles. Understanding these principles will allow you to better control emotions, make more informed decisions and thus help your business to survive and prosper in the future.

Learn more about our special guest

Dr Rachel Doern is a Reader in Entrepreneurship in the Institute of Management Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. Much of her research examines the cognitions, emotions and behaviours of entrepreneurs in adverse conditions, including times of crisis. Her research is inter-disciplinary in nature and draws on micro-sociological and psychological approaches to understanding resilience and vulnerability. She is especially interested in how entrepreneurs navigate difficult situations, contexts and emotions. Her recent research projects also look at entrepreneurial diversity, and different entrepreneurial identities and communities.


Episode 9 – Vulnerability

startup survival podcast Kyle Hegarty entrepreneurship emotion
Kyle Hegarty

Start-ups need to be strong-minded. Start-ups need to lead with confidence. Without such strength, how can a business expect to survive especially when times are tough?

But strength is also a weakness. Too much strength can blind start-ups and derail thinking. Too much strength can alienate others and turn them into ‘yes’ people.

In life and business, mistakes are inevitable. And we have all done things that have led to shame. So how do entrepreneurs embrace weaknesses, getting things wrong and feelings of shame? This fascinating episode, with special guest Kyle Hegarty, explores the world of start-up vulnerability and seeks behavioural answers that will help entrepreneurs to connect more deeply with others and lead with greater confidence.     

Learn more about our special guest

Kyle has many years of experience running and growing start-ups in different parts of the world. His work has taught him much about entrepreneurship emotion, the value of vulnerability and also led Kyle to write the book ‘The Accidental Business Nomad’. This popular text shares honest stories about the personal challenges people face and common mistakes they make when seeking to build a business.


Episode 10 – Trust

Kajal Startup Survival Podcast Entrepreneurship emotion Trust
Kajal Sanghrajka

According to the renowned author, Stephen R Covey, Trust is the glue of life. Without trust we can’t build personal relationships and we therefore cannot expect to be able to build any kind of business.

But what is trust and how does this complex, entrepreneurship emotion subject play out in the Startup world? In this fascinating episode, entrepreneurial expert Kajal Sanghrajka explores the issue of trust and focuses the subject lens on female founders. 

Listen to this show and learn how, where and why women are most likely to be trusted less compared to their male counterparts. By tuning in you’ll also discover what Kajal says about startups sustaining trust through Covid, how women in business should view the issue of imposter syndrome and much more.

Learn more about our special guest

Passionate about supporting the growth of early to mid stage businesses, Kajal Sanghrajka is an experienced entrepreneur, speaker in demand and advisor to many. Globally networked and with a finger on the pulse of global startup trends, Kajal is typically to be found at forefront of development work within the entrepreneurship industry.


Episode 11 – Personal Pride

entrepreneurship emotion munir mamujee mbe startup survival podcast
Munir Mamujee MBE

When going against the grain, we engage uncertainty and test ourselves. Yet rewards are never guaranteed. We flourish in the moment because the action, the risk, the ambition connects us with the possibility of meaningful achievement and a deeper sense of personal pride in what we do, and critically who we are.

In this episode, tune into Munir Mamujee and learn about his ‘never say die’ attitude and the personal pride he acquired through keeping his company afloat in the most difficult of Covid times.

By listening to this show you’ll discover how pride weaves its way into entrepreneurial life. From taking risks and motivating teams to expanding business horizons and being recognised for achievement, this episode is an enjoyable ride exploring key facets of personal pride.

Learn more about our special guest

Munir Mamujee is the Founding Director of m2r Education, a multi award winning, international education services company based in Wakefield. As well as being awarded an MBE in the 2022 Queen’s New Years’ Honours List for Services to Education and Export, Munir is also a Department for International Trade Export Champion and works with clients in over 40 countries.


Episode 12 – Billionaire Guilt

Startup Survival Podcast Greg Shepard Billionaire Guilt
Gregory Shepard

How does a billionaire entrepreneur view the world? How do they feel about the wealth they’ve generated, the people with whom they’ve worked and the family that has journeyed with them?

Honest and frank with thoughts and feelings from start to finish, listen to the quite remarkable Gregory Shepard. Tune into his story and journey – from poverty to wealth, from struggle to challenge, from failure to success and from dying twice to an extraordinary life. For any startup seeking to learn from others and appreciate the value of entrepreneurship emotion, Gregory’s profound yet humble reflections, philosophy, ethics, philanthropy and proven business practices make for essential listening.

Learn more about our special guest

Gregory Shepard is a 20-year startup veteran and serial entrepreneur who has many qualities including autism, dyslexia and a range of unique processing methods (also referred to as disorders). He sold some of his business interests for $925M back in 2016. A TEDX speaker, Gregory is also a founder at BOSS Capital Partners, a global syndicate that invests in tech startups. Gregory also co-founded BOSSStartupScience an open source learning centre created to help entrepreneurs survive and thrive.


And a nod to the Sponsors…

We are so grateful to SimVenture and the team at Venture Simulations Ltd for sponsoring and supporting this entrepreneurship emotion podcast series. And we are really chuffed that the band Seajam Moths continues to provide the theme music accompanying each episode.

Your invaluable sponsorship and support is hugely appreciated. Thank you.

entrepreneurship emotion and strength of feeling
Entrepreneurship Emotion and strength of feeling

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