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Welcome to Series 2 of this Startup Podcast series. This second series hosted by Peter Harrington, explores key issues fitting within the theme of ‘Get Better, Go Further’. Learn from experts, receive top tips and discover invaluable information sources.

Like Series 1, all practical and theoretical information within this startup podcast is provided to help businesses survive and preferably thrive.

The theme ‘Get Better, Go Further’ has been chosen since successful start-ups can’t rely on being good at one thing. Ambitious entrepreneurs have to master many skills. This series focuses on key disciplines and provides critical advice, tips and ideas that will help move any business forwards.


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Once more, thanks to the vision of LJ Silverman, this podcast is supported by LSE Generate, the Enterprise arm of the London School of Economics. And the SimVenture Team is backing the project too.

And I’m delighted to confirm ‘Seajam Moths’ has very kindly agreed to sponsor this Series with their brilliant music.

And then there are the 12,000+ people who tuned into Series 1. Thank you for being there, thank you for sharing and thank you for all startup podcast feedback.


Get Better, Go Further – Episode Content

Fifteen episodes are planned for Series 2 and details are below. All episodes will be available to download and stream from this site as well as BuzzSprout, Spotify and iTunes etc (see below). The first 2 Start-up podcasts in the series were first shared here on January 28th 2021.

Introducing Series 2

  1. Know your entrepreneurial self – Published
  2. Think creatively and generate ideas – Published
  3. How research turns ideas into great products and services – Published
  4. Stitching life together through C19: An Entrepreneur’s Case Story – Published
  5. How to create, develop and manage a high performing website – Published
  6. Finding and working with investors – Published
  7. How to start and scale a social enterprise – Published
  8. Why environmental sustainability is the future – Published
  9. Networking to influence
  10. Startup marketing: What works and what wastes money?
  11. Why what you sell is not what people buy
  12. Negotiating negotiation
  13. Local to international: Creating sustainable distribution channels
  14. Perfect pitching and presenting
  15. Thinking through your entrepreneurial future


Startup Podcast Series 2 – All Episodes

Episode 1 – Know your Entrepreneurial Self

Know your Entrepreneurial Self with Andy Penaluna

Welcome to the opening episode in Series 2 of the Startup Survival Podcast, with your host Peter Harrington.

All start-ups are equipped with the planet’s most extraordinary biological machine. 

The brain.

But how many of us know how to make best use of this phenomenal piece of kit? Tune into this episode and listen to Professor Emeritus Andy Penaluna reveal some of the fundamental ways in which the brain works and how we can best work with it. Learn how start-ups can make thought-through decisions, generate better ideas and and how we all develop skills and talent.

Learn more about Andy at the foot of this post. For the benefit of all, you can also download a transcript of this episode.


Episode 2 – How to think Creatively and Generate Ideas

Think Creatively and Generate Ideas with Alistair Fee

Get ready to be inspired by one of the most imaginative and creative of minds…

Forever curious and possessing an insatiable appetite for exploring ‘better’ horizons, Professor Alistair Fee shares his thoughts on being creative and generating ideas. 

In this episode, discover how and why Alistair brings James Bond into the classroom and why he believes tall buildings offer so much learning opportunity. Packed with wonderful imagination, deep thinking and practical examples, enjoy this voyage into the world of how best to develop and progress any entrepreneurial idea you may have.

Learn more about Alistair at the foot of this post. For the benefit of all, you can also download a transcript of this episode.


Episode 3 – How Research turns Ideas into Great Products and Services

Use Research to turn Ideas into Great Products and Services with Diana Kander

Listen to the brilliant Diana Kander, Serial Entrepreneur and New York Times Bestselling Author, reveal how research can work for you.

Famed for her ground-breaking book ‘All in Startup’, Kansas-based Diana Kander gifted the entrepreneurial community a precious resource. And her work and deep insight is the focus of this podcast.

In this episode, hear Diana explain how to conduct research so you uncover the precious truths that will help turn your start-up into a sustainable and potentially thriving venture. Diana shares the challenges of research and the fact most people will lie to you and behave irrationally when you ask them questions. Discover in this episode how to trick people into telling you the truth and how to use feedback to maximum advantage.

Learn more about Diana at the foot of this post. For the benefit of all, you can also can also download a transcript of this episode.


Episode 4 – Stitching Life together through C19 – An Entrepreneur’s Case Story

Lisa Comfort: Stitching Entrepreneurial Life Together

To get a sense of what life has been like for UK entrepreneurs seeking to save their business during C19, tune into this ‘case story’ interview with international business-woman, Lisa Comfort. Be prepared, this is not a typical interview about entrepreneurial success.

Frank, honest and often emotional, listen to Lisa share her struggles. Learn why facing up to previous challenges gave her the strength and ability to save her craft-based company from being a victim of the pandemic.

As part of the case story you will learn about Lisa’s background, her motives and her passion for sewing, clothes and crafts. As importantly, you’ll learn about her retail roots and how her digital transformation leadership proved so vital during the darkest months of 2020.

Learn more about Lisa at the foot of this post. For the benefit of all, you can also can also download a transcript of this episode.


Episode 5 – How to Create, Develop and Manage a High Performing Website

How to create, build and manage a high performing website

Any start-up business owner who knows how to consistently attract hundreds of thousands of loyal website visitors is worth a listen.

In this episode, tune into Chris Titley, Editorial Director at YorkMix Media. Hear him explain the fundamental principles underpinning the design and management of a high performing website. Learn about audience focus, building partnerships, SEO, website structure, common start-up website mistakes, supporting social media and much more.

Originally trained as a journalist, Chris started his entrepreneurial career  nine years ago when he switched from print to digital media. And when he started his own company his website started from scratch too. 

By tuning into episode 5 you will hear everything you need to know to create, manage and sustain a highly successful website. 

Learn more about Chris at the foot of this post. For the benefit of all, you can also download a transcript of this episode.


Episode 6 – Finding and Working with Investors

How to Find and Work with Investors

Whether you plan to run and scale a for-profit venture or social enterprise, tune into this pivotal episode and learn all about finding and securing investment finance.

My special guest, Olga Miler, is a rare individual. Not only has she spent many years working in the banking industry supporting start-ups, but she is also a serial entrepreneur. As a consequence she is able to view this subject from dual perspectives.

In this podcast listen to Olga’s advice about the different types of finance and how you go about finding investors. And discover what she says about preparation and lead times so you give yourself the best chance when you make your pitch. You’ll also hear Olga provide tips on pitching too.

Learn more about Olga at the foot of this post. For the benefit of all, you can also download a transcript of this episode.


Episode 7 – How to Start and Scale a Social Enterprise

How to Start and Scale a Social Enterprise

Providing sex education within schools in Colombia drives social entrepreneur Sebastian Jaramillo to make a positive difference.

Listen to this podcast to find out how and why Seb started TxC, an organisation committed to reducing unwanted teenage pregnancies so young people can lead more fulfilling lives. Hear Seb offer specific and practical advice that can be applied to the launch and growth of any social enterprise.

By listening to this episode you’ll also learn about critical books and reference sources that Seb recommends. You’ll also develop a deeper appreciation of the startup growth stages, the marketing actions you need to take and the importance of building trusted partnerships with sponsors, customers and other stakeholders.

You may need to listen to this podcast more than once to fully appreciate the depth of the content. But as soon as you hear Seb’s voice you’ll know this is someone who is committed to a cause and passionate about his purpose in life.

Learn more about Seb at the foot of this post. For the benefit of all, you can also download a transcript of this episode.


Episode 8 – Why Environmental Sustainability is the future

Why Environmental Sustainability is the future

Tune in and listen to entrepreneur, engineer and academic, Dr Peter Melville Shreeve, explain why all start-ups must prioritise environmental sustainability.

Early in this episode you’ll learn about basic environmentally sound practices that all businesses should adopt. But as the podcast progresses you’ll also hear about opportunities to seize and why the global environmental sector is going to boom in the next few years.

Talking through all the salient issues, Dr Melville Shreeve provides tips and advice throughout that will help all start-ups to grow their green credentials. He also shares specific thoughts as to how any organisation of any size can shape and market their services so they have the best chance of winning new business.

Including references to key information sources, listen to this most important and timely of podcasts and help your venture secure triple bottom-line credentials.

Learn more about Peter at the foot of this post. For the benefit of all, a transcript of this episode will be published here.


Episode 9 – Networking to Influence

This episode will be published here on Thursday 20th May

All start-ups must get out of the building and out of their comfort zone. Inevitably, this means meeting others and starting conversations with people we don’t know. For the lucky ones, ‘professional socialising’ is enjoyable and rewarding. But many find the task terrifying. And then there are those whose excessive self-belief means their perceived ability is at odds with reality.

Tune into this episode with my expert guest Amanda Dickens. With decades of networking experience in the professional services and start-up space, Amanda shares an array of insightful thoughts and ideas, all rooted in common sense and seasoned practice.

Listen to Amanda and learn how best to plan and prepare for meetings, read behavioural signals, break the ice with strangers and ultimately build sustainable professional relationships that will help you to grow your venture.


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Startup Podcast References

As with Series 1, links to all references from each startup podcast episode will be published below so you can access source information quickly and easily.

Episode 1: David Eagleman – The Brain, Antonio Damasio, Sir Ken Robinson – TED, Daniel Coyle – The Talent Code, Myelin, Daniel Kahneman – Thinking Fast and Slow, The Design Council, and John Kounios.

Episode 2: Life of Brian, John Cleese – Creativity, T-Shaped People, Stanford University Design School, Tom Kelly – The 10 Faces of Innovation, Robert Frost – The Road Not Taken, See Sense Bike Lights and Anita Roddick, Body and Soul.

Episode 3: All in Startup by Diana Kander and Alchemy by Rory Sutherland

Episode 4: Sew Over It, London School of Economics Report, Nimblefins, Bruce Oldfield, StitchSchool, London College of Fashion, Phillipa Lepley, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Businesses and How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer.   

Episode 5: How to Fail (Podcast by Elizabeth Day), Google Analytics, Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller, Helsinki Bus Station Theory, Dishoom – From Bombay with Love and York Mix

Episode 6: SmartPurse, Seedrs Crowdfunding, Crowdbazaar Crowdfunding, Information is Beautiful, Crunchbase 

Episode 7: Build, Measure Learn and the Lean Startup Principles, Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works by Roger Martin and Sally Osberg, Altruistic Capital by Prof, Nava Ashraf and The Goldilocks Challenge by Mary Kay Gugerty and Dean Karlan.


Startup Podcast Episode Guests

Episode 1 – Andy Penaluna

Startup Podcast featuring Andy Penaluna
Professor Emeritus Andy Penaluna has been both business owner and educator/researcher since he was in his 20s. Formerly the Director of the International Institute for Creative Entrepreneurial Development at UWTSD, Andy works at all levels of entrepreneurial education. His work has been used by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the European Joint Research Centre and the OECD; his funders include the World Bank and the European Commission. In 2014 the Enterprise Sector Skills body ‘SFEDI’ and the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs honoured Andy in the House of Lords as their educator of the year.

Episode 2 – Alistair Fee

Startup Podcast episode with Alistair Fee
Professor Alistair Fee is a European specialist in Design Thinking and innovation. Over 30 years and in 60+ countries he has experimented with many aspects of creativity and innovation within organisations of all sizes. Alistair is a former Faculty Fellow at Stanford University, a Business Mentor at Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, a Visiting Professor at the European Business School and for 22+ years a pillar of inspiration and wisdom at Queen’s University Belfast. He is involved in many European innovation projects where he shares simple and effective global insights, liberates thinking and creates meaningful vision. Alistair enables companies, individuals and academics to think differently, always allowing for the extraordinary to be possible.

Episode 3 – Diana Kander

startup podcast Diana Kander episode
Kansas-based Diana Kander is a serial entrepreneur, former MBA professor at Mizzou, and a New York Times bestselling author. She has served as entrepreneur-in-residence inside both Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Diana has written two books about launching new products and creating a culture of innovation. Her first book ‘All in Startup’ was a New York bestseller and is heralded by entrepreneurs around the globe as one of the most valuable and influential texts available. She is obsessed with helping teams and organizations achieve breakthrough results by tweaking their daily habits.

Episode 4 – Lisa Comfort

Lisa Comfort
Lisa set up Sew Over It in 2011 with one main aim – to teach as many people as possible to sew. She loves fashion and learned to sew as a teenager and wanted to share her passion.  After studying languages at university, she started her career in couture fashion and worked for Bruce Oldfield and Phillipa Lepley before starting Sew Over It.  Lisa started the business by teaching people to sew in their homes; taking her sewing machine all over London. She opened her first shop in Clapham in May 2011. At the start, the business model was based on running sewing classes and selling a small range of fabrics and haberdashery. The business grew fast and there followed the launch of a range of dressmaking patterns based on Lisa’s vintage style. Over the last 10 years the business has evolved into a leading international sewing brand.

Episode 5 – Chris Titley

Typewriters and Banda printers were Chris Titley’s tools of the trade when he first started bashing out articles for publication. He trained as a reporter on the daily paper in Bath before moving to the Yorkshire Evening Press, where he was a reporter and later features editor. After a period freelancing for publications including the Guardian and Times Educational Supplement, Chris co-founded YorkMix Media Ltd, a digital content agency specialising in words, pictures and video. In 2012, Chris launched, the award-winning news and entertainment website centred on the city of York. The site now gets more than one million hits a month and unique monthly site visitors top 350,000.

Episode 6 – Olga Miler

Olga Miler is a global innovation expert, specializing in women and finance, sustainability, and gender-smart investing. She has been broadly recognized for her transformational achievements to change the financial services industry for women and gender equality with features in the global press such as Sky News, BBC News, CNBC, the Financial Times, Bloomberg and The Guardian and won numerous awards including ‘Inspirational Woman of the Year 2019’. Following her career at UBS she has co-founded her own start-up – SmartPurse – a fintech-ed-tech venture revolutionizing financial education.

Episode 7 – Sebastian Jaramillo

Sebastian Jaramillo
Social Entrepreneur, Sebastian Jaramillo, is Founder of TxC, where his team works in Colombia, South America, to reduce the poverty cycle caused by unwanted teenage pregnancy. Using sophisticated technology TxC provides Sexual and Reproductive Health Interventions within schools. Before creating TxC, Sebastian worked for both the United Nations and the Colombian Government. He is passionate about creating social impact for social good.


Episode 8 – Peter Melville Shreeve

Startup Podcast featuring Peter Melville Shreeve
Dr Peter Melville-Shreeve began his professional life as an Environmental Engineer and over 10 years has worked in both consultancy practice and startups. He currently teaches product development and runs an entrepreneurship skills programme at University of Exeter’s Engineering School. As an entrepreneur Pete founded (2015) and exited (2020) an Internet of Things platform (OTA Analytics) which harnessed real-time control systems and weather data to control storm-water as it flows through our cities.

Episode 9 – Amanda Dickens

Startup Survival Podcast featuring Amanda Dickens on the startup podcast
Amanda Dickens is a natural connector of people and ideas. She honed her networking skills whilst working for Big 4 consulting firms where they developed networking apps so people could practice skills ahead of real-world application.  An experienced board member, venture builder and former Big 4 strategy consultant, Amanda has over 25 years’ experience in leadership, coaching and mentoring. Having co-founded and scaled a multi-million-pound disruptive innovation consulting practice for PwC UK, she now works with founders to build and scale technology start-ups.


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