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Welcome to Series 2 of this Startup Podcast series. This second series, again with me Peter Harrington, explores key issues fitting within the theme of ‘Get Better, Go Further’. Learn from experts, receive top tips and discover invaluable information sources.

Like Series 1, all practical and theoretical information within this startup podcast is provided to help businesses survive and preferably thrive.

The theme ‘Get Better, Go Further’ has been chosen since successful start-ups can’t rely on being good at one thing. Ambitious entrepreneurs have to master many skills. This series focuses on key disciplines and provides critical advice, tips and ideas that will help move any business forwards.


Startup Podcast generates generous support

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Once more, thanks to the vision of LJ Silverman, this podcast is supported by LSE Generate, the Enterprise arm of the London School of Economics. And the SimVenture Team is backing the project too.

And I’m delighted to confirm ‘Seajam Moths’ has very kindly agreed to sponsor this Series with their brilliant music.

And then there are the 12,000+ people who tuned into Series 1. Thank you for being there, thank you for sharing and thank you for all startup podcast feedback.


Get Better, Go Further – Episode Content

Fifteen episodes are planned for Series 2 and details are below. All episodes will be available to download and stream from this site. The first 2 Start-up podcasts in the series will be shared here on January 28th 2021.

  1. Series Introduction
  2. Know your entrepreneurial self
  3. Think creatively and generate ideas
  4. Using research to turn ideas into products and services
  5. Stitching entrepreneurial life together through C19: Lisa’s Story.
  6. Secrets and simple principles of high-performing websites
  7. Finding and working with investors
  8. How to start and scale a social enterprise
  9. Why environmental sustainability is the future
  10. Managing financial risk effectively
  11. Networking to influence
  12. Negotiating negotiation, buying and selling
  13. From local to international. Creating sustainable distribution channels
  14. Perfect pitching and presenting
  15. Thinking through your entrepreneurial future


Startup Podcast Series 2 – All Episodes

Episode 1 – Know your entrepreneurial self

Welcome to the opening episode in Series 2 of the Startup Survival Podcast, with your host Peter Harrington.

All start-ups are equipped with the planet’s most extraordinary biological machine. 

The brain.

But how many of us know how to make best use of this phenomenal piece of kit? Tune into this episode and listen to Professor Emeritus Andy Penaluna reveal some of the fundamental ways in which the brain works and how we can best work with it. Learn how start-ups can make thought-through decisions, generate better ideas and and how we all develop skills and talent.

Learn more about Andy below.

Episode 2 – How to think creatively and generate ideas

Get ready to be inspired by one of the most imaginative and creative of minds…

Forever curious and possessing an insatiable appetite for exploring ‘better’ horizons, Professor Alistair Fee shares his thoughts on being creative and generating ideas. 

In this episode, discover how and why Alistair brings James Bond into the classroom and why he believes tall buildings offer so much learning opportunity. Packed with wonderful imagination, deep thinking and practical examples, enjoy this voyage into the world of how best to develop and progress any entrepreneurial idea you may have.

Learn more about Alistair below.

Episode 3 – Using research to turn ideas into products and services

In this startup podcast, listen to New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneurial guru Diana Kander explain how to use research to translate ideas into products and services.

In this frank and honest interview, Diana shares how she turned the pain of her own startup failure into fuel; fuel which allowed her to research and write the ground-breaking, best-selling novel ‘All in Startup’.

This episode goes way beyond the research basics of questioning and listening as Diana highlights the subtle processes of gleaning information from people so that it can inform and shape any idea into business reality.

Learn more about Diana below.

Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google and more… 

From January 28th 2021 this second startup podcast series will be available for streaming and download on Apple, Spotify, Google and other platforms. A link below will be provided so you can access the podcast.

Startup Podcast References

As with Series 1, links to all references from each startup podcast episode will be published below so you can access source information quickly and easily.


Startup Podcast Episode Guests

Episode 1 – Andy Penaluna

Startup Podcast featuring Andy Penaluna
Professor Emeritus Andy Penaluna has been both business owner and educator/researcher since he was in his 20s. Formerly the Director of the International Institute for Creative Entrepreneurial Development at UWTSD, Andy works at all levels of entrepreneurial education. His work has been used by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the European Joint Research Centre and the OECD; his funders include the World Bank and the European Commission. In 2014 the Enterprise Sector Skills body ‘SFEDI’ and the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs honoured Andy in the House of Lords as their educator of the year. And in 2015 he received the Queens Award for Enterprise Promotion at Buckingham Palace. In 2016 he was named as one of the UK’s top ‘Maserati 100’ entrepreneurs.

Episode 2 – Alistair Fee

Startup Podcast episode with Alistair Fee
Professor Alistair Fee is a European specialist in Design Thinking and innovation. Over 30 years and in 60+ countries he has experimented with many aspects of creativity and innovation within organisations of all sizes. Alistair is a former Faculty Fellow at Stanford University, a Business Mentor at Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, a Visiting Professor at the European Business School and for 22 years and counting a pillar of inspiration and wisdom at Queen’s University Belfast. He is involved in many European innovation projects where he shares simple and effective global insights, liberates thinking and creates meaningful vision – all in a highly engaging way. Alistair enables companies, individuals and academics to think differently and approach problems in a new, better and more effective manner; always allowing for the extraordinary to be possible.

Episode 3 – Diana Kander

startup podcast Diana Kander episode
Kansas-based Diana Kander is a serial entrepreneur, former MBA professor at Mizzou, and a New York Times bestselling author. She has served as entrepreneur-in-residence inside both Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Diana has written two books about launching new products and creating a culture of innovation. Her first book ‘All in Startup’ was a New York bestseller and is heralded by entrepreneurs around the globe as one of the most valuable and influential texts available. She is obsessed with helping teams and organizations achieve breakthrough results by tweaking their daily habits.


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