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Written and published by serial entrepreneur Peter Harrington, Series 1 of the Startup Survival Podcast draws on 30+ years of starting & growing companies. Combining interviews, recommended reads and theory tips, this entrepreneurship podcast is designed to help and inspire startups, educators, coaches and students (with ideas about any kind of venture). Use and share this free startup podcast to work through any crisis and ultimately discover how to create new and better opportunities.

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Startup Survival Podcast entrepreneurship podcast

Working with LSE on the Startup Survival Podcast

Working with LSE Generate within the London School of Economics* as well as benefitting from the support of the ed-tech learning solutions SimVenture team, this Startup Survival entrepreneurship podcast explores key issues – all with a mind to helping people running social and/or for-profit enterprises.

With a focus on attitude and thinking beyond and behind the immediate, the series covers: Mindset, Resilience, Building Trust, Effective Communications, Making Sales, Inspirational Leadership, Effective Teamwork, Money Management and International Perspectives. Ultimately the final episode considers: What Startup Success really means.

Since the Startup Survival podcast is an ongoing, open project, your feedback, questions and thoughts are needed. Please leave your comments below. You can also reach Peter Harrington through twitter, search for ‘PeteSimVenture’ or via the Linkedin Site –

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Startup Podcast by Peter Harrington

In 2 minutes learn about the Startup Survival Podcast and who benefits from listening. Find out how and why stories, expert interviews, personal experience, recommended reads as well as theory have been woven together to make each entrepreneurship podcast episode an invaluable and long-lasting learning resource. All presented by Peter Harrington.

Find thematic Startup Podcast content quickly

  • Episode 1 (Mindset): Market Research, Customer Discovery, Orientation and Planning
  • Episode 2 (Resilience): Entrepreneurial Behaviour, Mindfulness and Personal Planning
  • Episode 3 (Trust): Customer Understanding, Buyer Behaviour and Sales Preparation
  • Episode 4 (Communications): Internal Communications, Marketing and Promotions
  • Episode 5 (Sales): Selling Skills, Relationships and Human Behaviour
  • Episode 6 (Leadership) is a C19 Operational Leadership Case Study
  • Episode 7 (Teamwork): Operational Team Dynamics and Change Management
  • Episode 8 (Money): Mindset, Money Relationships, Startup Models, Negotiation & Pitching
  • Episode 9 (International): Value of Failure, Startup Education, Collaboration & Female Founders
  • Episode 10 (Success): Philosophical Mindset and Practical Actions/Advice for Startup Success.

And scroll down below the 10 podcasts to find comprehensive link references to everyone involved in this entrepreneurship podcast and all source material.


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Startup Survival Podcast Series – Episodes 1 to 10

The Startup Survival Podcast series was written, recorded and published between April and September 2020. All episodes complete with references to all sources are provided below.

Episode 1

Podcast 1 – Mindset: Learn how to adopt a mindset that allows you to handle this crisis with purpose. Understand how customers are thinking and feeling and how you should approach them. Discover a direction for your venture and learn what speed to move at and how best to use your time.

For the benefit of all, you can also download a transcript of this episode.

Peter Harrington writes academic entrepreneurship podcast newsletter

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Episode 2

Podcast 2 – Resilience: Meet mindfulness expert Martin Summerfield who shares his insight and thoughts for developing resilience in challenging times. By listening to this podcast you’ll learn more about the mind as well as tools to help you navigate through the crisis. You’ll also discover valuable reference texts, all recommended to help you make sense of what’s happening in your startup world.

For the benefit of all, you can also download a transcript of this episode.

Peter Harrington writes academic entrepreneurship podcast newsletter

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Episode 3

Podcast 3 – Building Trust: Using latest research and expert references, enjoy a deeper dive into this most important of subjects and discover how and why mastering trust during the startup business phase is so critical. Amongst other people, you’ll learn from Harvard Business School Professor, Frances Frei and trust specialist, Rachel Botsman.

For the benefit of all, you can also download a transcript of this episode.

Peter Harrington writes startup survival podcast newsletter

Top Tip! Educators and coaches – Read this summary ‘LearnStartup’ PDF newsletter by Peter Harrington and understand Episode 3 purpose and content quickly.

Episode 4

Podcast 4 – Effective Communications: When a crisis such as C19 strikes, how do you best communicate with people? Listen to Occupational Psychologist Shauna McVeigh as well as social media specialist Cilla Richards as they share their thoughts. Learn about effective use of social media, how to communicate within your organisation and discover how to reach out to clients and prospects.

Apologies to avid episode 1 listeners who learnt this episode would be dedicated purely to external communication. Due to the wealth of material, this entrepreneurship podcast episode had to be divided into 3 parts. However, if you want more key information on external communications, a supporting blog post about making the complex simple (which expands on the work by Chip and Dan Heath) has been published. 

For the benefit of all, you can also download a transcript of this episode.

Peter Harrington writes startup survival podcast newsletter

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Episode 5

Podcast 5 – Making Sales: Join Peter Harrington as he chats with expert guest and start-up survivor Richard Hughes-Jones. Together they consider why so many salespeople are often bad at selling and consider the implications for startups. But don’t be dismayed, the podcast also shares the fundamental principles for getting sales and personal selling right both during the crisis and beyond. Drawing on decades of personal experience, research-backed advice and an appropriate dose of theory, don’t miss this episode especially if you want your venture to survive and preferably thrive.

To support this entrepreneurship podcast, a separate blog post has been written to help highlight why episode 5 doesn’t seek to share new tactics, approaches and methods for selling in a crisis. For more information, read, Empathetic, Patient Selling.

For the benefit of all, you can also download a transcript of this episode.

Top Tip! Educators and coaches – Read this summary LearnStartup newsletter and understand Episode 5 purpose and content quickly.

Episode 6

Podcast 6 – Inspirational Leadership (Part 1): How can a young entrepreneurial leader achieve all this in under 3 months?

  • Arrange for 18,000+ PPE items to be sent to the NHS & secondary line services
  • Provide 1,000+ care packs and 20,000 meals to isolated and compromised individuals
  • Recruit & mobilise over 250 people so all work is done
  • Fund-raise over £40k to pay for the whole initiative
  • Work a 16-hour day. Day in day out.
  • And choose not to receive a penny for his endeavours.

Find out answers and join me as I share the extraordinary feats of Jon Lo, an inspirational leader who stepped up and put his volunteering mind and soul on the line when the crisis broke.

For the benefit of all, you can also download a transcript of this episode.

Podcast 6 – Inspirational Leadership (Part 2):  Warning – this Startup Survival podcast episode will change you. Discover what motivates crisis hero Jon Lo. Listen to a deeper philosophy and how he believes the drivers of altruism and selfishness can both be fused to get things done. Learn about the highs and lows of this young leader’s journey and crucially how his entrepreneurial achievements in 2020 are a springboard for much greater ambition. Society needs people like Jon; not simply for reliance, but more importantly, for learning and inspiration. As with all Podcast resources, both leadership episodes can be used and shared for free. If you teach, use this story as a case study. Again, again and again…

For the benefit of all, you can also download a transcript of this episode.

Top Tip! Educators and coaches – Read this summary LearnStartup newsletter and understand Episode 6 purpose and content quickly.

Episode 7

Episode 7 – Effective Teamwork: Startups wishing to grow or scale must build a team that is productive and well led. Yet the complexities and nuances of effective teamwork require leaders to continually learn from the myriad of different situations that occur within a workforce. But regardless of your journey, nothing prepares you or your team for a pandemic. Join me, as I meet Joey Tait and Kevin Hammond from Ampersand Consulting who had to think anew about effective team-working in order to save their company. Discover how this practical backdrop, regular reference to meaningful theory as well as personal experience are fused into this 27 minute show.

For the benefit of all, you can also download a transcript of this episode.

Top Tip! Educators and coaches – Read this summary ‘LearnStartup’ PDF newsletter and understand Episode 7 purpose and content quickly.

Episode 8

Episode 8 – Managing Money: Tune in and learn from two of the very brightest entrepreneurial money-minds working with startups. Hear from straight-talking SmartPurse CEO and global innovation expert, Olga Miler. Find out why she believes negotiation and pitching are two critical skills startups must master. And if you plan to pivot now or post-pandemic, listen to Dr Vaughn Tan, a startup consultant, author, and professor who specialises in designing organisations that are resilient to and benefit from uncertainty. If you seek budgeting, savings or investment advice, you’ll find plenty of guidance elsewhere on the internet, but sadly not in this episode.

For the benefit of all, you can also download a transcript of this episode.

Startup Podcast newsletter by author Peter Harrington

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Episode 9

Episode 9 – International Perspectives: Join me for this globetrotting episode as I explore common threats, threads and opportunities in the startup world. Guests from 5 continents share their fears, views and hopes on key issues including failure. And from failure we gear up and get expert insight on just how fit-for-purpose fee-paying education institutions are, when offering courses and degrees to budding entrepreneurs. Listen to insight on social collaboration in Nigeria and learn how and why more female leaders are so much needed to shape our new world. Finally, discover why this hugely disruptive time of our lives presents an abundance of opportunity for thoughtful, hard-working and courageous entrepreneurs.

For the benefit of all, you can also download a transcript of this episode.

Startup Podcast newsletter

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Episode 10

Episode 10 – What Startup Success Really Means: Tune into this series finale where with the help of two highly experienced startup guests, we examine the meaning of entrepreneurial success.

Hear from former Apple employee, George Deriso, who went onto start, fail and succeed with multiple businesses before finding himself in New York on 9/11. Learn how this infamous event changed George, why he chose to teach entrepreneurship for free and what he believes startup success really means. And also learn from former professional volleyball player and Fine Art student, Meg Pagani, who changed tack to change the world. Find out how her socially conscious business is helping local entrepreneurs scale their projects around the globe and how she believes people can find greatest meaning with their own work.

This episode also features musician Pete Thomas, whose track, ‘Rubicon’ ‘squares up’ to this crisis. Rubicon is played in full at the end of the podcast.

For the benefit of all, you can also download a transcript of this episode.

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Startup Survival Podcast Media

If you are sharing the Startup Survival Podcast as part of a course or programme, use this introductory video with Peter Harrington. 

Midway through the production of this crisis navigation guide for entrepreneurs and startups, a cover song was sent to me to accompany the series.

As I discovered, it was not simply a song for entrepreneurially-minded people; moreover it was a song that resonated with the mood, the new found collaborative spirit, the struggles, the loss and of course the light of care, hope and love people have experienced through these difficult and for some, very darkest of times.

Thank you Pete Thomas (who also features in episode 10), for this beautiful piece of work.


*Startup Survival Podcast References

Peter Harrington is CEO at VSL where the SimVenture Team supplies advanced on-line business and entrepreneurship simulations and learning solutions to universities and corporate clients in 40+ countries. Peter Harrington is also an Entrepreneur in Residence at the London School of Economics and London South Bank University.

Within Startup Podcast 1 (Mindset), the following people and sources are all mentioned: Mark Schaefer, Steve Blank, Dave Jarman, Pema Chodron and Seth Godin. Thank you for being out there.

Within Startup Podcast 2 (Resilience), the following people and sources are all mentioned: Phil Knight and Shoedog, Matthew Syed, Amy Edmondson, Victor Frankl, James Stockdale and the Stockdale Paradox, Yohan Iddawela, Matthew Walker, Headspace, Ten Percent Happier, Mark Williams and of course the generous and extremely insightful Martin Summerfield.

Within Startup Podcast 3 (Building Trust), the following people and sources are all mentioned: Frances Frei, Rachel Botsman, Stephen R Covey, Eddie Izzard, Seth Godin and London South Bank University. Of course, this section would be incomplete if I failed to hitch you up with the early love of my life and the brilliant BlaBlaCar.

Within Startup Podcast 4 (Effective Communications), the following people and sources are all mentioned: Cilla Richards, Shauna McVeigh, HCubed, SCARF, Thanks for the Feedback by Stone & Heen, The Trusted Advisor by David Maister, Robert Galfrod and Charles Green, Clear is Kind by Brene Brown, How Fearless Organisations Succeed and Psychological Safety by Amy Edmonson, Find your Why by Simon Sinek, Hubspot Customer Insight & Persona, Contagious by Jonah Berger, Coursera, Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath and Carol Dweck.

Within Startup Podcast 5 (Making Sales), the following people and sources are all mentioned: Richard Hughes Jones, Leadership & Startup Coach, Active Listening, Five Levels of Listening from Stephen R Covey, To Sell is Human, Daniel Pink, Influence: Science and Practice by Robert Cialdini and All in Startup by Diana Kander. Keen listeners will have also heard reference to ‘Broad Stand’ in the first minute of this episode. If you have yet to ascend either of England’s two highest mountains ‘Scafell Pike’ (3,210 feet) and ‘Scafell’ (3,162 feet) you will probably be unaware that between these peaks is a place known as ‘Broad Stand’. It is here that the ‘walking stops and the climbing starts’ (climbing only recommended with appropriate equipment and skills). The vast majority of walkers make the sensible choice and take a lengthy detour via Foxes Tarn or tackle the ominous Lord’s Rake). Apologies, I digress.

Within Startup Podcast 6 (Inspirational Leadership Parts 1 & 2), the following people and sources are all mentioned: Jon Lo, entrepreneur and founder of Dare to Care Packages, Jon Lo featured on the BBC, Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss, Airtable, OptimoRoute and WooCommerce. Jon also references the notion that ideas occur at the intersection of disciplines which is thinking relating to the Medici Effect. Jon highlights the quote ‘You won’t always be motivated, you must learn to be disciplined’ as well as Makers 4 the NHS. Frank and Fev Dawson founded Castlehead Field Centre in 1978. This Cumbrian Centre is based in the Southern Lakes and is now owned by the Field Studies Council.

Within Startup Podcast 7 (Effective Teamwork), the following people and sources are all mentioned: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing by Bruce Tuckman; Kevin Hammond and Joey Tait from Ampersand Consulting; Five Dysfunctions of a Team from Patrick Lencioni; Vital Conversations by Alec Grimsley, Working with Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman; The Chimp Paradox by Professor Steve Peters, the Business Data Platform Statista; and finally, the Simpsons episode that reveals the key to motivation.

Within Podcast 8 (Money Management), the following people and sources are all mentioned. Olga Miler is the CEO of SmartPurse. Dr Vaughn Tan created the free-to-access and use Pandemic Pivot and has also written The Uncertainty Mindset. Simon Sinek talks about money being fuel and Peter also references the books: Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez, and Perfect Pitch by Jon Steel in the episode. Finally, the Hitchhiker’s blog article which includes background information and all materials to run an effective negotiation exercise is freely available in this link.

Within Startup Podcast 9 (International Perpectives), the following people and sources are all mentioned: Joshua Anthony works with CloudyBoss and Startospheric. Associate Professor Colin Jones works at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia and Roger Bootle is an Economist who wrote the university-related article in the Daily Telegraph. Newt Gingrich interviewed Dr Michael Crow, President at Arizona State University, on the podcast ‘Newt’s World’. Alice Troiano founded G.App17 and has been a student of the LSE Generate Startup Accelerator Programme. Detoun Ogwo is a Development and Human Resources Practitioner based in Abuja and referenced CaCovid. Gordon Tredgold wrote the article about why entrepreneurs should be looking to Nigeria. Kajal Sanghrajka is director of Growth Hub Global, was responsible for the 2020 LSE Accelerator Programme and also referenced the Imposter Syndrome. Finally, Alan Gonzalez Curiel has started a new space-related venture because of Covid and Tim Harford wrote ‘Adapt: Why Success always starts with failure’.

Within Startup Podcast 10 (What Startup Success Really Means) the following people and sources are all referenced. George Deriso, Meg Pagani and Pete Thomas all feature on the show. George worked at Apple and now teaches entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado. Meg is a founder at ImpactOn and also a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum. George also referenced Carol Dweck’s Mindset Test and Angela Duckworth’s GRIT Evaluation Scale. Two books, Give and Take, by Adam Grant and Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller are recommended in the show. Finally, details about the poem ‘Journey’ are available on this Blog.


New Entrepreneurship Podcast – Startup Survival Podcast Series 2 coming soon…

Theme: Get Better, Go Further

Series 2 Podcast Titles will include
1Know your entrepreneurial self
2Think creatively and generate ideas
3Using research to turn ideas into products and services
4Stitching entrepreneurial life together through C19: Lisa’s Story
5Secrets and simple principles of high-performing websites
6Finding and working with investors
7How to start and scale a social enterprise
8Why environmental sustainability is the future
9Managing financial risk
10Networking to influence
11Negotiating negotiation
12Local to international: Creating sustainable distribution channels

As the popularity of the first entrepreneurship podcast has grown, so it has become clear another series is required. Series 2 episodes will be published in early 2021 and full details will be shared on this site.

If you have something to say, have expertise or startup experience to share and/or would like to be considered for an interview in Series 2, then please get in touch. Please email me, Peter Harrington, ( with your thoughts and ideas as well as a summary of your experience and/or expertise in the field.

Here’s looking forward to more entrepreneurship podcast work and fun.


Thank you Champions

From inspiration through to support and distribution, this Startup Survival entrepreneurship podcast series would not have been possible but for the help of an ever-expanding band of supporters. As a team ‘thank you’ I’m sharing details of all the champions who helped, contributed and thus made this uncertain entrepreneurship podcast adventure a reality.

Firstly, a huge ‘thank-you’ to LJ Silverman at LSE Generate who deserves all praise and recognition for suggesting the original Startup Survival podcast idea. Then there’s Duncan Bennetts whose generosity, wonderful production skills and stunning ‘script to entrepreneurship podcast’ turnaround speed made everything a reality.

And thank you to Temi for providing such a wonderful audio to transcription service.

And to the evolving group of kind supporters whose ideas, support, encouragement, contribution, distribution, promotion, critique and ‘good’ or ‘get better’ feedback has made this academic entrepreneurship podcast series such a joy and inspiration to be part of…

Kate Beresford, Alison Price, Jon Powell, Ruth Rowe, Philip Clegg, Martin Summerfield, Ngiam Tee Woh, Sadek Farrag, Yasmine Aggour, Sharon Heleine, Hang Do, Tony Robinson, Gilbert Zana Naab, Lucy Hatt, Colin Jones, Rachel Willcox, Caroline McCall, Katie Atkinson, Rob McWilliam, Septi Bakula, Vito Veneziano, Alison Gee, David Townsend, Tom Cooney, Rob Edwards, Matthew Draycott, David Bozward, Richard Hughes Jones, Andrea Bonacker, Kate Broadhurst, Simon Brown, Gill Gourlay, Margaret Korosec, Inge Hill, Simon Bedford, Chris Titley, Rhys Pearce-Palmer, Adrian Collier, Kat Mack, Matthew Anderson, Jay Bal, Jeff Skinner, Linsey Cole, Bonnie Hacking, Paul Brough Jones, Mike Ashwell, John Gamba, Bruce Snider, Samuel Mwaura, Frances Frei, Rachel Botsman, Ben Guthrie, Lesley Strachan, Jules Hall, Shauna McVeigh, Matteo Fortunato Condello, Kajal Sanghrajka, Philip Ashworth, Nicole Dupree, Mile Terziovski, Jon Lo, Yohan Iddawela, Alice Eddie, Vida Patil, Lucian Andrei, Donncha Hughes, Jorge Guedes, Herman Thom, Hitendra Solanki, John Hiscox, Derek Utley, Pelin Demirel, Olga Miler, Peter Allen, Andreas Kuckertz, Kiran Arokiasamy, Antonio Padilla-Meléndez, Amit Mishra, Cilla Richards, Robert Newbery, Mohd Arif, Amina Wakefield, Joshua Anthony, Deepak Kasthwal, Nina Lanzon, Anjali Ramachandran, Marcus O’Dair, Gaurav Singh, Emmanuel Godin, Patrick Dunne, Chris Jackson, Douglas Shand, Dhruv Bijoor,Tita Borshalina, Steven Barpalias, Tatiana Zalan, Polly Macpherson, Alice Eddie, Danielle Phillips, Lan Yin, Jean-Claude Junqua, Christopher Shannon, Jay Patel, Armin Honorasa, Kevin Hammond, Helen Hopper, Emma Chilvers, Maria Grogan, Sophie Neuhut, Cayetana Martinez, Anna Levett, Joeri Mol, Meena Chavan, Shishir Miglani, Antoniya Doneva, Jaco Burger, Nick Russill, Mahan Tavakoli, Eric Anthony Spieth, Matthew Gilbert, Dave Irwin, Mahmoud N. Kelany, Dhruv Goyal, Michael Openshaw, Barb Mason, Jem Henderson, Steve Rice, Suneel Kunamaneni, Joe Mahoney, Oscar Ramirez, Willard Kitchen, Laura Good, Joey Tait, Laura Campbell, Meg Harrington, John Nogrady, Nigel Adams, Kadeza Begum, Simon Krystman, Michael Clouser, Greg Monterrosa, Andrew Hirst, Tom Bowden, Lesley Scott, Vikas Goel, Sunil Samarth. Guillaume De Smedt, Sandra Taylor, Shishir Miglani, Neil Coles, Carl Dawson, Russell Manfield, Robert ‘Firebreath’, Peter Harrington, Vaishali Pagaria, Patricia Bradshaw, Erwin Schwella, Ramesh Ranjan, David Venter, Shova Thapa Karki, Farah Fauzi, Jennifer Campbell, Abe Oliver, Justin Souter, Meg Pagani, Anne-Marie Walton, Mat Hughes, Emilie Mendy, Christine Beech, Detoun Ogwo, Andrew Hession-Kunz, Rachel Butler, Alex Green, Anthony Selley, Anthony Gray, Amit Vikram, Patrick Snyder, Ashwin Damera, Amanda Selveratnum, Jonathan Jewell, Christopher Cunningham, Jason Li-Ying, Lissa Gillott, Emmanuel Godin, Loughlin Nestor, Tui McKeown, Kevin Grant, Jonathan Jewell, Niklas Kuegler, Pete Thomas, Eilidh Macdonald, Wendy Harrington, Siyanda Sifolo, Paul Kirikal, Vaughn Tan, Peter Melville-Shreeve, Richard Lucas, Barb Mason, Islam Elamin, Isabelle Vandeyvere, Susan Chan, Jan Brause, Jill Savage, Eduardo Zamorano, Aleksa Aleksi, Mel Rosenberg, Beki Collins, Siobain Hone, Islam Elamin, Yuliana Topazly, Bezzant Hegazi, Debbie Brock, Vanita Yadav, Frank Nyame-Asiamah, Denys Bornauw, Colin McLeod, Adriano Burgi, Neville Mckenzie, Faye Tromans, Deborah Brazeal, Neel Achary, Dorota Wiernikowska, Naomi Browne and hopefully many more…

I thank you all.

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