Understand yourself and read behaviour quickly

From bonkers to brilliant. Discover how people who run businesses behave and learn what drives entrepreneurs and how are we affected by different situations, the decisions we make and the people with whom we work. This subject covers: leadership; communication; decision making; relationships; failure; psychology; conceptual thinking; buyer behaviour and more…

Origins of Human Creativity Revealed

Discover the origins of human creativity Getting to the origins of human creativity is complicated, but earlier this month I gained some fascinating insights when attending another RSA packed-house presentation in London. This event was delivered by David Eagleman (aka Rockstar of Neuroscience) and his… Read More

Vulnerability is good

If we are drawn to those in need, surely showing vulnerability is good? You see them strutting their stuff on British and US TV reality shows like 'The Apprentice' and, invariably, you find yourself bridling. They are the aspiring business heroes who haughtily present themselves to their prospective boss with glamour and gloss, slick ‘n’ snappy and wrapped in armadillo-like impermeable confidence... Read More

Mr Demotivation and the Hidden Message

Suffering Mr Demotivation Not long ago, I attended an entrepreneurship conference in London which attracted a range of academics, trainers and consultants. Short on collective wisdom yet high on ill-informed crystal balls, the organisers chose to kick things off with a ‘motivational speaker’.  The billing stated our man of purpose was also a ‘leading entrepreneur and businessman’. Unfortunately, no-one in the audience had signed up to be pumped with 'umph', especially at 10am on a wet Tuesday. However, Mr Demotivation manfully misjudged the situation as well as his missive and quickly slid into a shocker of a show. Prepare yourself... Read More

The Importance of Uncertainty

The importance of uncertainty cannot be under-estimated when preparing people for work Setting out for Loughborough University (to guest speak at their entrepreneur's 'ThinkBig' awards) I was reminded of the insight and wisdom of Patrick Awuah. Earlier in June I had listened to him talk about the importance of uncertainty at the GBSN conference in Tunisia... Read More

Making successful telephone sales calls

Learn the art of making successful telephone sales calls People seeking to master the art of making successful telephone sales calls are often crap at their job. What’s worse is that many have received some god-awful training which might as well be called ‘How to shaft the customer’... Read More

Become a Better Business Writer

Be a better business writer & sharpen your communication To be a better business writer it's important to practice and learn from mistakes. Years ago, I co-wrote and published an on-line book. Entitled ‘Dexter Bentley: My first million’ the story follows the entrepreneurial journey of a young man whose academic failures prove to be the catalyst for business success... Read More