The listening skill pill win £500! (competition now closed)

Who needs the listening skill pill?
Who needs the listening skill pill?

It intrigues me that I’ve never found a course focusing on effective listening. Whilst we know listening is one of the most important skills to acquire, many of us also recognise our inability to listen well…

So how might the subject of ‘effective listening’ be incorporated into an entrepreneurship, enterprise or business course?

When driving through the Scottish mountains recently, I happened upon the idea of ‘the listening skill pill’. Imagine being able to take a tablet that improved listening ability!? One thing led to another and in little time I’d drafted the words to a spoof advert for this new fictitious product. I’ve even recorded the voice-over below. So how could this idea be scaled further and be put to good use?

The challenge…

Are you interested in knowing more about and/or helping others learn about effective listening? Could you get involved or challenge others to participate in the competition (£500 first prize sponsored by SimVenture) where they make a short film advert about effective listening? Entrants have until Tuesday 31st March 2015 to submit their work and all terms and conditions are available in this link. You are welcome to email me if you have any queries.

The listening skill pill

And to help with preparation for the competition, I’ve scripted a sample advert and produced the voice over. This work is for guidance only but hopefully gives you ideas on how a short fun film could work.

Do you suffer people who are poor listeners?

Offer the listening skill pill so people you talk to experience a whole new world.

  • When you speak, they’ll respond with signals of interest
  • They’ll make eye contact and nod appropriately
  • Interruptions and assumptions will be things of the past
  • And people won’t simply rehearse what they want to say
  • Instead, levels of concentration and focus will grow
  • And so will curiosity and a desire to question, so what you’re saying is really understood
  • People may even make notes

The listening skill pill develops amazing levels of self-control and confidence.

Old friends will be new friends and stronger, longer lasting relationships will be forged

Available without prescription, the listening skill pill is here today, so people hear tomorrow.

The listening skill pill. Know someone who should swallow this message? For fast and effective relief, share immediately.

Please be aware, your rights and status are not affected. There is and probably never will be a listening skill pill.

Key Learning Points: Listening is a key skill that affects everyone. Yet the subject is rarely taught in any formal learning environment. How might an engaging and innovative approach to the subject help people to learn a critical life skill?




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