SimVenture – Gamified Business

Providing a gamified business experience so people enjoy understanding what it takes to run a successful company, has been the focus of Peter Harrington’s  work since 2005. In this time he has worked with his brother Paul and a dedicated team of entrepreneurial minds. Their goal has always been to develop advanced business simulation technology.

SS-Menu 260x195SimVenture Classic, the multi-award winning business simulation (first launched 2006), allows people to start and run a virtual company & learn about business and entrepreneurship in a highly authentic & engaging manner.

This first product has been regularly updated and provides users with an invaluable experience of running a gamified business in a risk-free environment. Used for corporate training and in all tiers of education in 40+ countries, people gain a deeper and more accurate understanding of success, failure and what it takes to start and run a sustainable business.

Gamified businessTaking 4 years to build and launched in 2016, SimVenture Evolution is the on-line gamified business simulation allowing people to start and run a company for up to 10 simulated years.

Evolution is accessed on Mac, PC or Tablet via email and password login.

Users compete directly against one another or play against the computer. Tutors and trainers set tasks, monitor performance, communicate and make assessments – all remotely or in class. Evolution builds on all that is good in Classic and adds a host of new features that makes learning about business, management and entrepreneurial leadership authentic, engaging and highly sustainable.

For more information about the company’s approach to gamified business development, visit the VSL website.