Thank you for Listening

Support for the Startup Survival Podcast has been humbling.

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Throughout the crisis people from all over the world have been in touch, often to share that simple but most pleasing word of all: ‘Thank-you.’

But nothing quite prepared me for this. Go on, play it.

Play me…


Who is singing and what’s the story behind the music?

London Bridge.

Inside the Underground.

On a cold January mid-morning, earlier this year, I happened to be walking past a lone busker.

Musician I am not. But for me, the clarity, brilliance and beauty of the voice filling that chamber, lit up the empty, winter subway.

Thank you for listening

Instinctively, pockets were felt and coins found. And with care and purpose all available change was thrown into the awaiting guitar case.

Yet it took another 20 paces to assemble sense and courage.

To turnaround.


And say ‘thank-you’.

And for listening and returning, the quietly spoken, yet smiling busker showed immense gratitude.

Since that fortuitous meeting a reciprocal bond has grown. And our man of music has teamed up with a producer friend allowing for his work to be professionally recorded.

Pete Thomas’ songs, including Rubicon which features in Episode 10 of the Startup Survival Podcast are being released later this year with Motto Music.

A few weeks back, Pete discovered I was seeking music to accompany this podcast project. Not simply a song for startup survivors; moreover a piece that touched the mood, the newly-discovered collaborative spirit, the struggles, the loss and of course the light of care, hope and love people have experienced through these difficult and for some, very darkest of times.

With grateful acknowledgement to Chris Martin and Coldplay, this recording is the many voices and work of just one extraordinarily gifted man. Pete Thomas.

Thank you Pete.

And thank you for listening.

thank you for listening
Where we met. The gifted yet very humble musician. Pete Thomas. Busking at London Bridge Station. January 2020

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