Lose yourself in Euro Fantasy

With many colleagues, clients, friends & family working in education, I’m aware life within the sector has many challenging issues.

Then, on June 23rd we voted ourselves out of the EU and to cap it all, England exited the Euros following ignominious defeat to Iceland

Uncertainty is never a good support spine for strategic thinking, but uncertainty is exactly the political and economic backdrop that Europe now provides. The British government (under any leadership) is about to face one of its most testing times, yet it’s hard to know how and where it might sense strength and conjure up any kind of real control.

We dug ourselves a tunnel to connect us with Europe. Now we need to dig again. Only this time, we must dig deeper and expect shifting sands all about. You never know, there may be a great escape. Or perhaps not.

Escape with Euro Fantasy

To make light of the dark place we find ourselves, here’s a footy team whose many issues prevent it topping any league table. Escape the mire for a moment, lose yourself in Euro fantasy but always remember what great team spirit can achieve.

lose yourself in euro fantasy
Lose yourself in Euro fantasy

Team strategy and notes…

Brexit will probably need replacing at some point. ‘Trump’ shows more than a degree of attacking flair and goal-oriented attitude. Thinking this through, ‘Student Complaints’ can go up front and ‘Trump’ will move to Right Wing. But just how far will the touchline extend? Can you have an extreme right of Right Wing?

We also know now that if we bring ‘Gove’ on, we should keep ‘Johnson’ on the bench and vice-versa. But if the two are ever on the pitch together, Gove must play in front of Johnson, because we know what he’s capable of if positioned behind…

Corbyn is increasingly considered a drawback so keep him out of any leadership role.


PS. Is Rick Astley our next PM? This image of more euro fantasy is doing the rounds on social media. It certainly suggests he may have the qualities other politicians lack.

lose yourself in euro fantasy


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