How this Hitchhiking blog began

The lightbulb moment behind how this hitchhiking blog began
The lightbulb moment behind how this hitchhiking blog began

Success with the business simulation β€˜SimVenture’ is at the heart of how this Hitchhiking blog began.

As with hitchhiking I love to be on the move. But unlike my early days on the road I now stay in accommodation my mum would approve of. And with the aid of a laptop and the internet many a bedroom has become a temporary office.

On a trip to the States in 2011, I arrived at my hotel late in the evening. Having journeyed across several time zones, bed was the only thing on my mind. But whilst I was dead to the world by 10pm, I found myself wide awake at 3am local time. Whether it was a dream or coincidence, hitchhiking in Cornwall back in 1988 was on my mind. You know what it’s like when odd things appear in your head.

But thinking in the room’s still darkness I began to make links between the entrepreneurial life I was leading and my time thumbing lifts on the roads around the UK. The more I thought the more links I made. Within ten minutes I was at my computer writing my first notes for this blog.

So thanks to my work with SimVenture, that was how this Hitchhiking blog began. I hope what you read helps you on your journey.

Peter Harrington – Author

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