Are you a Network Olympian?

Network Olympian
Are you a Network Olympian?

IEEC 2016 delegates on your marks…

And get set for this unique opportunity to take the unofficial title of Olympic Champion at this year’s event in Liverpool.

No one’s for the high jump and there will be no swimwear requests. So what’s up or going down?

Ladies & Gentleman, this is where legends are created. This is the NETWORK OLYMPICS.

Here at Liverpool IEEC some of the world’s finest and most enterprising minds will do battle. Ultimately, we will crown a Network Olympian and recognise them for their opportunistic guile, chat and empathy. The winner’s persuasive & magnetic manner will have wooed and won over even the most reluctant.

You will find all competition details at the SimVenture stand at IEEC2016. Scores, updates and results will be posted below throughout the event and tweeted using the IEEC2016 hashtag.

Good luck and Go Get-em.


Network Olympian: Latest News & Updates

And we are off!

7/9/16 – 1pm Last year’s winner, Katie Wray, grabs 8 points immediately but Vicky Mountford is even quicker off the blocks and has leapt into 1st place with 12. Who will win the champagne prizes? Network Olympics is live through to 6pm on Thursday 8th May here in Liverpool at IEEC.

7/9/16 – 3pm – Olympic Networking hots up. Vicky Mountford into turbo mode and stretches lead. But newcomers Sue Poole, Amanda Berry, Marcia Baldry, Jon Parker and Safia Barikzai get on the scoreboard and clearly have intent to claim champagne prizes.

7/9/16 – 5pm – Positions remain unchanged as the first-day of competition concludes. There’s over 500 points up for grabs on day 2 so it’s still anyone’s game. Look out for newcomers, dark-horses and slick operators.

8/9/16 – 11.45am – Vicky Mountford continues as the star Network Olympian. You may think she now has an unassailable lead. But Safia, Jon, Katie and others should look to lunchtime and the afternoon break to play their cards right and steal a win. Anchor role (Colin Jones) has been awarded a bonus point for travelling the furthest distance to the conference.

8/9/16 – 2pm – Bonkers lunchtime of card trading. Vicky Mountford appears to be unstoppable but everything is up for grabs in 2nd and 3rd spot. Anyone can win especially as we are playing double points on all scores from afternoon break onwards. So if anyone gets a ’12 pointer’ they will score ’24 points’. Get in it to win it and enjoy some bubbly!

8/9/16 – 4pm – Into the last hour and the competition has reached boiling point. With double points available places have been changing constantly over the last hour. Safia Barikzai and Sue Poole are both in with a big shout for bubbly but rounding the last bend, Vicky Mountford still leads those giving chase…

Network Olympian
Vicky Mountford is crowned Network Olympian

8/9/16 – 5pm – And the winner and Network Olympian 2016 is… Vicky Mountford! Congratulations Vicky and well done to Safia, Sue and Katie who picked up the Silver and Bronze awards…

Thank you everyone for participating – a great event. We will return in 2017 with even more.


Leaderboard                                     Points      Competition ends (5pm 8/9/16)

Vicky Mountford                                    80

Safia Barikzai                                          64

Katie Wray                                               52

Sue Poole                                                  52

Jon Powell                                                12

Marcia Baldry                                          8

Simon Brown                                           8

Alison Harrison                                       8

Fiona Godsman                                       8

Amanda Berry                                         4

Dominic Martinez                                  4

Ingrid Bale                                               4

Colin Jones                                              1


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