Winning Entrepreneurial Mindset

winning entrepreneurial mindset
Think like an entrepreneur and create that winning entrepreneurial mindset?

Creating a successful start-up business requires a winning entrepreneurial mindset and appropriate attitude of mind. It’s not so much a skill but a way of thinking.

Since childhood I’ve been curious.

Discovering ideas, creating opportunities and doing new things has always been important. And the wiring of my brain means I enjoy travel and meeting people…

The decision to start my first business in September 1989 (aged 23) came naturally. Looking back, it was inevitable. I would have been a disastrous corporate employee even though some may have seen me as a high achiever.

So in seeking to understand myself and how I perceive a winning entrepreneurial mindset, I’ve raked over my younger years. I’ve looked hard for signs and clues that made self-employment the right choice. And every-time I do, I find hitchhiking holds many answers – sometimes in spades.

Hitchhiking origins

I love to travel. At 17 I started my hitchhiking career and recently (aged 47) journeyed with the aid of my thumb . Tens of thousands of miles have been covered and in this time several businesses have been started and grown. I love the opportunity to think like an entrepreneur in both situations. And as a result I have met many extraordinary people. Once upon a hitchhike a Welsh rugby legend stopped to pick me up.

So if you want to create a winning entrepreneurial mindset I hope you can make good use of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Entrepreneurship.

You’ll find posts on a wide variety of related topics. In nearly all posts I highlight key learning points and make focused suggestions and recommendations that will help you with your business life – or help others with their if you teach, lecture and/or mentor. You’ll also find an array of recommended references and source material.

It’s all for free and if you like or dislike what I write, please do get in touch.

Go well in whatever you do…


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