Christmas Thank You

Christmas thank youUncertainty, uncertainty, uncertainty.

A year typified by turmoil, trouble and turbulence, nears its end.

But with so much upheaval it’s easy to lose sight of the good stuff; what holds us, what connects us and what brings us together.

So here is our Christmas message to you…

All of us at VSL want to say a big ‘thank you’ for your continued loyal support; your encouragement, word-spreading and your belief in our work. Without you we have little; and whilst we always strive to do our best, we recognise we don’t always get it right. Doubtless there are deserving people who in the festive hullabaloo won’t receive this missive. For that, I apologise unreservedly.

But hopefully, you’ll find your name in the note below and/or upon our Christmas Thank You tree.

Wishing you a very happy holiday and a prosperous 2019.


Christmas Thank You

In recognition of the champions that support us, sing for us and help keep us sane, we’ve created the 2018 Christmas Thank You Tree (it is not a map of the UK). Maciej, our multi-talented, multi-lingual designer chose the position for all names, so some explanations and apologies before you scroll further…

  • Steve and Amanda, please take no offence for being at the foot of tree. You are propping everyone else up!
  • Paul Peachey, I hope you appreciate the overall Welsh colour flavour and your name in bright red
  • Penelope and Claire, you have the longest names, so you had to have a prized central location
  • Apologies for scattering Libby, Amy, Carl, Linsey, Safia, Elaine, Sam, Nina and Syeda (the very together LSBU Enterprise team).
  • If a bauble hangs from your name, it’s just a spangly touch, no more. But a very special mention to Andre who means a lot to us.
  • Jon, we like the fact you are at the top of the tree – are you more angel than fairy or vice versa?
  • The wonderful Jyoti Bhardwaj and Kelly Smith are soul occupants of one line. Two long-serving loyal fans who we adore.
  • Suresh, remarkably, you’ve been given your own line in the middle of the tree. A sign maybe that you are the next ‘special one’?
  • Recognition and respect for Ossie Jones, Simon Brown, Matt Draycott, Chris Mahon and Kate Beresford who have all been with us almost since launch in 2006.
  • And next year, it’s a cracker, where we will also be celebrating the world’s greatest entrepreneur.


Christmas Thank you Tree



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