World’s Greatest Entrepreneur

World's Greatest Entrepreneur
Unbelievable! Interviewing the world’s greatest entrepreneur

Meeting the world’s greatest entrepreneur started with a cold call. “I’m sorry but Nick rarely gives interviews” I was informed.

The PA on the other end of the line was pleasant but firm. “But please give me your details. Someone in PR will get back to you.”

Two days later the phone rang. To my astonishment, I learnt my wish had been granted.

Slap in the middle of his hectic schedule I would be meeting the world’s greatest entrepreneur. He even wanted to meet me in person and had insisted on making all my travel arrangements…

The overnight flight was a bit of a blur. But on arrival at his private office I had his undivided attention for 2 hours. And the secrets of how to build a global empire, of unparalleled scale and from humble beginnings, were shared with a cheery smile and hearty laughter. Meeting the world’s greatest entrepreneur was better than I could ever have dreamed.

How to build a global business

“It’s no good thinking about what you want” he started. “You have to focus on the market and provide products that people seek. But that’s only one small piece of the jigsaw. Everything we make is always packaged so it looks attractive, interesting and creates real desire.”

World's Greatest EntrepreneurPausing for thought, he looked over at the large open fire burning away in the corner of the room. “You see,” his words had softened…

“The packaging adds so much to the product because it creates that all-important ‘dream’. Even the most mundane of things can be completely transformed by the wrapper. We don’t give people products, we give them dreams. You can write that down!”

Hanging on each word I marvelled at his commitment to every detail of service and the ‘just-in-time’ delivery processes his organisation used. In terms of  international product distribution it seemed the sky was the limit. But how did he open, maintain and grow so many channels that allowed him to operate on both a local and worldwide scale?

World’s greatest entrepreneur talks about ‘Secret Agents’

“Over the years” he explained, slowly stroking his beard, “We’ve managed almost like magic to build up a network of agents in every part of the globe.

“But to be honest, the real secret to our success is the unspoken bond of trust between our organisation and the agents with whom we work. The operation is so good now, it’s become almost seamless.

“Every single person who delivers goods in our name believes one hundred percent in what we do. This relationship ensures our distribution methods are highly efficient and effective; which I have to say has really helped me to manage my own stress levels!”

As he finished his sentence so laughter filled the room once more. During my interview with the greatest entrepreneur in the world, various people came  in and out of the office. Each one was treated with the same level of courtesy and respect. This tycoon was a real people person.

Love what you do

Looking through my notes I fixed on a question I was keen to ask. What advice would he offer the entrepreneurs just starting out?

“Find out what makes you sing, and follow it!” He replied without hesitation. “I didn’t set out to become famous, but over the years things worked out for me I because I just love this job.

“I’d also advise people starting out to find time to give without expecting anything in return. People really like givers and over the course of time those that receive give back – sometimes far more. Reciprocation develops huge amounts of trust. The truth is, that’s our organisation in a nutshell.

“Our passion for what we do” he continued, “And the goodwill we generate has also helped to keep us in the media especially at this time of year. Free publicity is a key energy source for any operation. I don’t know what we would do without it.

“It used to be people in the print industry who wrote stories and features about us. But once Hollywood started making films it all went crazy. And since that Interweb thing came along,” he said with a chuckle, “Well that just sent everything into orbit.”

I had my story. The focus, commitment, values and absolute consistency of this man’s approach to work was inspiring. His last words had provided the perfect conclusion to my interview. Meeting the world’s greatest entrepreneur now had its ‘icing on the cake’.

world's greatest entrepreneurIgnoring my attempt to shake hands he wrapped me in a long and warming bear hug. And then we said our goodbyes. I left my meeting with the greatest entrepreneur in the world knowing two hours of my life had seldom been so well spent.

In the large reception hall I collected my return travel documents before heading towards the immense oak doors – which of course opened automatically as I walked on air towards them.

Outside, heavy snow was falling in flakes of peace and bliss. And the elf who I had first met on arrival greeted me with another kind smile and then cheerily asked where I was headed. “Yorkshire,” my lips replied, with pillow-like sentimental affection.

Without hesitation he waved his hand and clicked his fingers. Like magic, the bells that had accompanied my journey over once more filled the air.

Go well.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas.


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