Keep Your Distance – Listen to the Podcast Soundtrack

keep your distance at Bournemouth beach during the pandemic
Image courtesy of Cities Today

Do you recall the crowds that descended on Bournemouth Beach on June 25th 2020?

Britain was in the grip of a pandemic and the UK government had just offered a generous furlough package to employers. As a consequence, millions of people who would normally be at work were being paid to twiddle their thumbs.

People had the luxury of free time.

And then the sun came out.

Reported as a major incident, thousands of sunseekers flocked to the Bournemouth sands to make the most of the heatwave – all this despite the ravages of a pandemic.

Coronavirus meant social distancing had become the social norm. For many this meant staying at home. But people it seems were fed up with being cooped up. With leisure businesses forced to close, a beach was the obvious attraction.

Please keep your distance pleas

Despite desperate pleas from the local council and radio station to ‘Keep Your Distance’ and stay away from Bournemouth, this popular Dorset resort experienced record numbers of people. Yet visitors who craved the outdoor space ironically appeared to cover every inch of Bournemouth’s golden sands.

Inevitably, public services were overwhelmed.

Over 500 parking fines were issued. A disturbing 3 pier stabbings were reported. And a disgraceful 33 tonnes of litter were left on the beach by the thousands of day trippers.

Incensed by the littering selfishness of the Great British public, the very next day The Daily Star ran the headline ‘Dirty Gits – Were you raised by wolves?

Keeping their distance

Meanwhile in the quieter suburbs of North West London, 2 creative musicians were working together yet remotely on their first album.

Whilst watching the BBC’s evening report about the Bournemouth invasion, John Rathbone and Duncan Bennetts (of the band ‘Seajam Moths’) used the scenes as inspiration to create the track ‘Keep Your Distance’ which forms part of their first album – all available on  Spotify.

Singer, songwriter and music production specialist, Duncan Bennetts, is not only half of Seajam Moths but is also the producer of The Startup Survival Podcast. Entrepreneurial Duncan kindly lent the ‘Keep Your Distance’ background music to Series 2 and he even sings the final voiceover on each episode. Listen out for his ‘Better Further’.

For your ears, here is the original track ‘Keep Your Distance’. Enjoy.

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