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Latest Update: First 3 Episodes Published

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When this Survival Startup podcast journey began, I felt like Derek Sivers’ shirtless dancing guy.

I was on my own and prepared to lead. But would anyone follow?

If you’re not familiar with Derek’s solo dancer, treat yourself to 3+ minutes of presentation brilliance before reading further…


Derek Sivers’ superb demonstration of leadership in under 4 minutes…


Whilst LJ Silverman at LSE Generate encouraged me to get going with this project in April 2020, I was fully aware of my limited podcasting experience and only recent connection with the London School of Economics’ startup community.

startup podcast journey LSE Generate logo

Yet given the COVID19 crisis and the urgent need to provide support to all affected startups, plans were made, scripts were created and messages to supporting contacts sent out.

Fantastic response

Thanks to you and hundreds of other followers, it appears this startup podcast journey is getting off the ground and gaining critical traction. To date, over 600 people from all over the world have requested podcast details (with a view to sharing more widely) and the completed 3 episodes have also been published on ITunes and Spotify.

And so many have been kind, creative and helpful with feedback and ideas for future involvement. Only last week I had calls with people around the UK, in the States and also Melbourne, Australia.

And as a result of the feedback, the original plan to complete 5 episodes has been extended to 10. The series will now include episodes on Leadership, Teamwork, International perspectives and more.

Listen to all Podcasts

All podcasts will continue to be published here on the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Entrepreneurship. And you will also be able to find all episodes (as they are published) on ITunes, Spotify, Buzzsprout and Goodpods. Access to the podcast series via Google and Amazon should be available soon too.

Thank you for jumping and joining in. Your continued support is so important and is definitely shaping the project. I very much hope that working together we can turn hundreds into thousands and maybe more.

When you hear the 4th episode (Effective Communications) you’ll notice a mini pivot in presentation format – all a result of feedback.

But the goal remains clear and steadfast. The purpose of this podcast series is to provide startups, regardless of location, with a better understanding as to how they can move from crisis to opportunity. And with all our support we can help people get to where they want to be.

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