Game-changing business simulation

Creating SimVenture Evolution, a game-changing business simulation

Creating SimVenture Evolution, a game-changing business simulation

Whilst the team is yet to see the blood, much sweat and the occasional tear has been shed whilst building what we believe will be a game-changing business simulation.

SimVenture Evolution has taken 4 years of our lives, but everyone involved in the project knows the time has been well spent. The new technology takes all that is good from the original SimVenture software and adds a range of new features which we believe will advance learning and teaching in the fields of business and entrepreneurship.

SimVenture Evolution launches in early 2015.

Game-changing business simulation – what makes it special?

Since the original software (SimVenture) was created in 2006, the team has been learning from and working with people throughout the world. We’ve been continually gathering feedback and discovering what is needed so teachers and trainers can work more efficiently and effectively and users can access engaging and authentic resources that accelerate and embed learning. SimVenture Evolution is the result of all this work.

You can find out more about SimVenture Evolution on the new website, but below is a ‘summary list of key features:

  1. Evolution is an on-line business simulation allowing user access wherever there is an internet connection
  2. Being on-line means there is no need to install proprietary software on internal systems
  3. Multi-platform access – Evolution can be used on Mac, Tablet or PC
  4. Multi-player functionality allows people to compete against other people or the computer
  5. Users run a business for up to 10 simulated years (to SME size) and address all major areas of business
  6. Using different computers, teams can work together or work remotely on the same ‘game’
  7. The sophisticated simulation engine is designed so markets fluctuate and replicate real-world behaviour
  8. Relevant information about key business and entrepreneurship issues is included within the software
  9. Control tower functionality allows teachers/trainers to set, observe, communicate with and assess work remotely
  10. Bite-size user activities are incorporated into the simulation so teachers can focus on subjects, themes & relate work to course objectives
  11. User data is continually captured allowing for powerful in-depth post simulation reflections and presentations
  12. The simulation is designed to be translated into any language and teachers/trainers can add relevant information, images and web-links
  13. Offered from £25 per user per annum, Evolution is the cost of a text book but gives the user much more
  14. Using simple account login access, Evolution provides a flexible, powerful and personal learning resource

As part of the build up to the launch of Evolution, we were delighted that 10 Higher Education Institutions chose to Partner with the team and as a result receive 2 years’ site wide use of the simulation as well as training and materials. If you have any queries, suggestions or ideas about using this game-changing business simulation, please do get in touch or leave a note.

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