The educational entrepreneur making a difference

Asfaw Yemiru: The educational entrepreneur making a difference

Delight can quickly turn to frustration when an excellent new recruit, who is just settling into the post, decides to accept a job offer elsewhere. But occasionally, you know they’ve made the right decision... … [Continue reading]

Giving business a bad name


Not long ago I attended an entrepreneurship conference that attracted people from all sectors. The organisers kicked things off with a ‘motivational speaker’. The billing stated our man of purpose was a ‘leading entrepreneur and … [Continue reading]

Flavour of the Umph

Participants take on the SimVenture challenge

Being 25 years' self-employed I feel I've developed a 'nose' for judging whether a business or project might work. The personal journey over the last quarter century has had its mix of success and failure; critical experience informing the senses … [Continue reading]