Flavour of the Umph

Participants take on the SimVenture challenge

Being 25 years' self-employed I feel I've developed a 'nose' for judging whether a business or project might work. The personal journey over the last quarter century has had its mix of success and failure; critical experience informing the senses … [Continue reading]

The importance of uncertainty

The importance of uncertainty cannot be under-estimated when preparing people for work

Setting out for Loughborough University (to guest speak at their entrepreneur's 'ThinkBig' awards) I was reminded of the insight and wisdom of Patrick Awuah. Earlier in June I had listened to him talk about the importance of uncertainty at the GBSN … [Continue reading]

Making successful telephone sales calls

Learn the art of making successful telephone sales calls

People seeking to master the art of making successful telephone sales calls are often crap at their job. What’s worse is that many have received some god-awful training which might as well be called ‘How to shaft the customer’... … [Continue reading]

Make the most from exhibiting

Just how do you make the most from exhibiting?

To promote products and services, most small businesses need to know how to make the most from exhibiting. Just like the hitchhiker, you put yourself right in front of passing potential customers, waiting for someone to take interest and stop … [Continue reading]

Become a better business writer

Too many words?

To become a better business writer it's important to practice and learn from mistakes. Several years ago I co-wrote and published an on-line book. Entitled ‘Dexter Bentley: My first million’ the story follows the entrepreneurial journey of a young … [Continue reading]